About Your Car:

It's Not About Us
It's About Your Car
This section is intended to give you helpful insight into the most important parts of your car.
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This light tells you when a car part is not working or responding in the way that it should, and your car's computer can't fix it. It can be many different parts, but may be as simple as a loose gas gap. That's right! Your car may know that the gas cap is loose, however the manufacturers have not yet figured out how to have the computer tighten it for you.

A flashing engine light means that there is a serious problem. Do Not Drive!

Any brake problem is a serious problem. Brakes should not vibrate, pull, squeak, and certainly not grind. Have any of these problems or a brake light checked immediately.

Your car's tires are your car's foundation. Problems with other parts of the car can cause damage to the tires. Suspension and alignment problems and incorrect tire pressure can cause your tires to wear out quickly. Inspect your car's tires to see if they maintain proper pressure and wear.

Your lights help you to see and help others to see you. Inspect your car's lights once every month, don't wait until the police pull you over to ask you if you know you have a taillight out.

Again, for obvious reasons, you need to be able to see while driving. Worn out wiper blades can leave behind a mess that your eyes strain to see through. Wiper blades should be replaced once every year.